Indoneesias Borneo saarel Ida-Kalimantanis Tenggarongi linnas käis
Erau Adat Kutai ja Rahvusvahelisel Rahvakunsti Festivalil
2015.aastal 7.-14.juunini
Tallinna rahvatantsuselts "Kandali"
14 liikmelise grupiga.

Kohapeal juhendasid meid kaks vabatahtlikku giidi Muslianah ja Aftia Putri Lovelia.
Meie grupi kutsus ja võttis väga hästi vastu
Festival Committee of CIOFF® Indonesia
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Is a district town once the capital city of Kutai, East Kalimantan. Tenggarong region is divided into 12 districts and 2 of this village has an area of 398.10 km2 achieve with a population of 72 458
Tenggarong is also the capital of Kutai Sultanate ing Martadipura. The city was founded on September 28, 1782 by Raja Kutai 15th, Aji Muhammad Muslihuddin, also known by the name Aji Imbut.
The city was originally named Edge Pandan when Aji Imbut moved the capital of the kingdom of Pemarangan. By Sultan Kutai, name later changed to Pandan Edge White Ladder which means house of the king. But in its development, White Ladder is more popularly known as "Tenggarong" until today.
According to the legend of a group of people Benuaq Ningkah Olo, the name / word Tenggarong according Benuaq language is "Tengkarukng" comes from the word tengkaq and bengkarukng, tengkaq means rising or setting foot into a higher place (such as climbing stairs), is a kind bengkarukng plant roots. According to People Benuaq when a group of people Benuaq (probably descendants Ningkah Olo) along the Mahakam River toward the interior they stopped at a place alongside the banks of the Mahakam, with cliffs up through the roots bengkarukng Mahakam river, which is called Tengkarukng by Malay accent sometimes "sprain" called Tengkarong, eventually turned into Tenggarong mention. The changes are caused Language Benuaq many have a hard consonant commonly spoken by speakers of Malay / Indonesian.
Tenggarong located at 116 ° 47 '- 117 ° 04' east longitude and 0 ° 21 '- 0 ° 34' South Latitude. The highest point of the city center Tenggarong of ± 500 m above sea level. Tenggarong be passed by the Mahakam river basin which is one of the largest river in Borneo or in the east. land conditions in Tenggarong tend wetlands in the area near the banks of the river plains and hilly. average air temperature in the city Tenggarong is 30 ° C, with an annual rainfall average of 1500 to 2000 mm per year.
general information
Kutai Kertanegara population is composed of two ethnic groups, including ethnic Kutai and Dayak, livelihood is farming, trade and work in government.
language used is is Indonesian / Malay, Dayak and Kutai.