Kui te soovite kutsuda külla Gruusia tantsijaid, siis võtke ise ühendust Nanka Tskitishviliga.
Kui otsite kontakte Gruusias, siis kirjutage Nankale.


Dear Friends of Folklore

We are The Association of Culture Development and Renaissance of Georgia .
There are united about 40 folk dancing ensembles of different ages on our association. Our ensembles are the laureates of many international festivals. Their performance Always caused great ovations in the public and we believe that our folk dancing collectives Will perform as many times amazed visitor’s hearts in the world. And the exception will not be at this time too.
We want to make more beautiful European and Asian festivals if the world with country’s folk.
We thank for your attention and please receiver our best wishes about your health and conducting our festival with the great success.
We look forward to hearing from you s soon as possible: if you will be interested with our ensembles we shall send you a video and necessary materials.
we are expressing our deep respect and solidarity we remain.
We would like very much Georgian folk dance ensemble take part in your festival in 2014 .If you are agree Georgian folklore dance festivals take part in your festival please inform us. We wait your reply and positive answer.

Yours faithfully

Vice-President of the Associatition Nanka Tskitishvili